Thursday, December 30, 2010

Using Decorative Bird Houses to Influence Negligent Neighbors

Bird houses and I have always been on good terms. I look at them and smile, thinking of all the cute birds that can find a new home, returning year after year. Bird houses appreciate the maintenance I provide - the free maid service. In return for my dedication, bird houses gift me with rustic appreciation, getting weathered and more charming with each season.

My neighbor, however, does not appear to be on as good of terms with his bird house. It is attached to a wooden fence, a nail is falling out of its sideboard, and it looks to be a good year behind in cleaning. While I desperately want to jump the fence, reattach the walls, clean out the old leaves, and quickly exit their yard, I feel that might be considered borderline behavior. So instead I sit and watch, imagining all the new bird houses I could erect to try and spark interest in a once-doting landlord.

I am a fan of rustic, recycled, and natural bird houses. I love a red door, or a cabin look, but I feel for my neighbor, I need to step up the decorative look. I am considering between the following:

The Kottage Kabin in red is the bird house I am leaning towards. I want to catch my neighbor's attention, so I think the red will be perfect.

He has a stranded Purple Martin house that has been up all year, far too low to the ground and close to the trees, but I am not even going to start on that one... If it is still up after my decorative bird house attempts, I may have to get to know my neighbor and offer a few landlord tips on bird houses.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How Decorative Bird Houses Make Wonderful Garden Art

Decorative Bird HouseDecorative Bird House In Garden

Simple placement of a decorative bird house can turn a nesting place for small feathered friends into a splendid work of art. Nestling a Cape Cod bird house among the abundant growth of hydrangeas or hibiscus growing in your very own garden combines the majesty of both nature and wild birds nesting into a glorious masterpiece. Friends and family will be amazed at the magical feeling created just by adding a decorative bird house to the garden.

Different styles of decorative bird houses give options for placement, color schemes, and even personality matching. Finding out what that special someone in your life likes and finding the perfect decorative bird houses to match their hobbies or passions is a great way to show your love and make great gifts. Mother's day and anniversaries seem to be the perfect time to choose a decorative bird house for that special lady in your life. Ladies aren't the only bird and garden lovers though. Dad and grandpa might have a green thumb and need that perfect accent to be one step ahead of their neighbors garden. Decorative bird houses can make all the difference in any just about any garden.

Decorative Hobbitt Bird HouseDecorative Hobbitt Bird House

The gorgeous hobbitt decorative bird house with a shingled roof and custom trim work gives an elegant yet simple look to every aspect of the garden. The covered porch provides a lovely and homey look while also giving shelter to birds from the works of mother nature. Small cottage decorative bird houses are simple yet attractive and don't take up too much space. Hanging these bird houses from trees, posts, or setting on benches will call in many feathered friends while creating the perfect contrast to the abundance of color in the garden.

The Hadley Park bird house has a unique look with it's copper roof and single hole entry. Perfect for nesting and keeping feathers dry, this decorative bird house has the ability to protect while giving a rustic look to the garden. Just adding one of the many styles of decorative bird houses to the garden can transform everything, from the way it looks to guest to the way it sounds in the morning when the birds are chirping and fluttering around.

Decorative bird houses are a simple solution to any gardening challenge. It seems like finding the plants are the easiest part, but then it comes down to accents and everyone gets stuck. A decorative bird house shows a love for nature, a creative accent choice, and a simple way to transform ordinary into brilliant!

Decorative Bird House with Water MillDecorative Bird House with Water Mill

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bringing Christmas LED Lights Into Your Garden

Christmas LEDs are used for more purposes than just sprucing up the house for the holidays. Using the energy saving lights all year round make great accents to your garden or sitting area.

Outdoor Christmas LED lightsChristmas LED Lights in the Garden

Christmas LEDs help to create the holiday affect in your garden area for the season or just add a spark of color after the new year begins. LED lights have a wide array of color choices and sizes to allow any area of your garden to be lit precisely to suit your desires. Everyone can enjoy the beauty of a the soft white lights glowing on the garden arbor, along the walls and fences, or wrapped loosely around your plants and bushes.

Christmas LEDs can make your back yard feel like Santas workshop when Christmas roles around. Red, green, and white can combine together among your already colorful garden to accent all the features that are commonly looked over. Wrapping your columns on the porch, seating areas, and tree trunks will help to show off the most stable and sturdy of all your garden pieces.

Every corner of your garden and yard can be fruitfully decorated year round with the lights you used this holiday season. With all the money you will be saving on electric bills you might as well use them all year to add spark and style to the peaceful area you created. Serene elegance awaits with Christmas LED's in your garden this year.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Decorating With Outdoor Lighted Palm Tree

Tiara Lighted Palm treesTiara Lighted Palm Trees

Lighted palm trees help you bring that "at the beach" feeling to wherever you are. Sitting by the pool while imagining that the palm trees were swaying in the breeze is a fantasy that's just in your reach. Okay, so they might now sway, but you will have the feeling of relaxation that only palm trees can bring. Lighted palm trees make a great poolside decoration and show off the ambiance of the pool at night.

Commercial businesses can use lighted tiara palm trees for a look that will draw in hundreds at a time. You can't miss these bright and lovely trees staring down upon the streets. The tiara is one of the best selling outdoor palm trees with their large and sturdy structure. The way that lighted tiara palm tree can light up a parking lot is beneficial to being seen in general and being seen as someone with taste.

Lighted Tiara palm treeLighted Tiara Palm Tree

Tiara lighted palm trees are available in many colors and sizes so that every business or home can be perfected. Purple, orange, yellow, red, or traditional green can all compliment your landscaping or business theme perfectly.

Lighted palm trees can create that warm feeling just about anywhere. You don't have to have a pool or be anywhere near water to feel the sun shining and warm weather feeling that a simple palm tree brings you. With sizes of light palm trees that are made with rope light ranging between 2.5' to 7', you can fill any space perfectly. With green fronds (leaves) with rope light lining, and a gold rope light wrapped around the trunks, these lighted palm trees are easy to assemble and very light weight so moving them is easy.

Lighted Palm TreesLighted Palm Trees

Anywhere you can imagine sprucing up could use a lighted palm tree to pull the trick off. Feeling the warmth of the palm tree makes yards, poolsides, patios, and even balconies in apartments more relaxing. Taking in the beauty and simplicity of decorating with outdoor lighted palm trees is a no brainer!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The World of Decorative Bird Feeders

Lazy Hill Decorative Bird FeederLazy Hill Decorative Bird Feeder

Decorative bird feeders add a lovely accent to your landscaping while providing a delicious meal to natures feathered friends. Bird feeders are a commonly seen piece of decor in many yards across the country. Popular with gardeners, nature lovers, and grandparents who get a new birdhouse each year from the grandchildren, bird feeders are also a piece of decor that can make or break a garden.Finding the perfect decorative bird feeder for your landscaping will first come down to which kind of birds you are looking to welcome in.

Hummingbird FeederGlass Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird feeders are a very common choice in decorative bird feeders as they invite in tiny hummers with elegance and grace, while usually being made of glass giving the bird feeder a glow that can't be overseen. With many sizes and styles to choose from, finding a lovely and decorative hummingbird feeder to suit your taste shouldn't be hard.

Platform bird feeders and tube feeders are very popular choices when it comes to something decorative and easy to clean. Lovely and simple, platform bird feeders come in many designs that sit on the ground of hang from poles and tree branches, with the shape of a plate allowing many birds to feed at once. Tube bird feeders are easy to fill, clean, and can come in an array of colors, sizes, and designs making them a must have in decorative bird feeders.

Wren Bird FeederDecorative Wren Bird Feeder

Decorative bird feeders are a great way to impress your parents, grandparents, or neighbors with gifts this year. Holidays are the perfect time to show the ones you love a side of nature they may be missing out on. Birds flowing around eating, playing, and drinking from your yard is a beautiful blessing that every family should get to enjoy.

Pinecone Suet Bird FeederPinecone Suet Bird Feeder

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Perfect Garden Arbor Designs for Any Space

Vinyl Garden ArborVinyl Garden Arbor on the Beach

Garden arbors have a way of adding class, design, and flare to any area of your yard or landscaping. Used as decorations for entryways, sidewalks, garden entrances, or wedding accents, garden arbors are multifunctional and attractive. There are many sizes, designs, and materials to choose from so everyone can be satisfied.

Athens Garden ArborAthens Garden Arbor

Garden arbors are sturdy, weather resistant, and long lasting like your garden decor should be. No one wants to spend money on decorating year after year, so decorative garden arbors are a great choice. Vinyl garden arbors are long lasting, made with PVC vinyl that won't fade and is very easy to clean. There are different sizes and styles of vinyl garden arbors to suit any space or decor. Small and arched or large and square, some even have benches or planters for adding special touches to the look of your new garden arbor.

Wooden Garden ArborWooden Garden Arbor

Wooden garden arbors have a natural appeal to them while providing an elegant and unique touch to your garden space. Adding extensions, gates, or benches to your wooden garden arbor is not only easy but lets you spice up the appeal a bit. With many sizes, styles, and options, your wooden garden arbor will be a treasured part of your landscaping that shows your personality and style for years to come.

Garden Arbor with BenchesVinyl Garden Arbor with Benches

Garden arbors can be used in so many places and treasured for many years. Durable and long lasting, the arbor's beauty will not fade with time. Adding ivy, flowers, plants, or other accents brighten up the already amazing appeal of the garden arbor. Many people use garden arbors for wedding day accents then take the arbor home and place in their garden to look at each day remembering their special day. There is no wrong choice when it comes to garden arbors. Take advantage of the easiest way to add spice and elegance to your garden area with beautiful garden arbors.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sprucing up the Yard with Unique Bird Houses

Fairytale Cottage Bird House
Fairytale Cottage Bird House

Bird houses are a very common accent to yards, patios, and landscaping. Inviting wild birds into your yard while providing comfort and safety for them is something very enjoyable for many families and nature lovers alike. Unique bird houses let you show your style as well as taking care of your feathered friends.

Bird houses come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and textures to make each and every look unique. Whether you are looking to show your own personality and interests, or spruce up the yard with a splash of color or design, unique bird houses will suit all your decorating desires.

Round Island Lighthouse Bird House
Round Island Lighthouse Bird House

Small bird houses are perfect for tight spaces or just using to add a bit of flare to your garden area. Larger bird houses will herding bird families and may even be used for nesting and breeding. These bird houses are great for getting noticed, secured upon large posts, trees, or even yard decor like tables and benches. If you are really trying to save space there are small bird houses that attach to the side of your house or trees. Half bird houses are also available for tight spaces that still want to welcome birds in.

Decorative and colorful houses add color and pizazz while letting you show off your sense of style and decorating. Themed birdhouses are also a great idea for gifts for grandparents, new mothers, and gardeners. You can find a look to suit anyone's desire with unique bird houses.

Safe for weathering and the natural elements of the earth, bird houses are long lasting, safe for birds, and great on the eyes. Bird houses can add flare to any area of your yard and with all the different options in materials that bird houses are made in along with size options, everyone can find the perfect bird house.

Copper Roof Lantern Loft Bird House
Copper Roof Lantern Loft Bird House

Flat Bird House
Flat Bird House

Monday, August 9, 2010

Relaxing on a Wooden Porch Swing

Relaxing on a porch swing, rocking as the breeze blows, admiring the sunset with your sweetie. Sounds like a fantasy, while in reality many Americans spend their time relaxing on the front porch swing enjoying each others company and natures magical aura.

Wooden Porch Swing
Wooden Porch Swing

Wooden porch swings are some of the most popular choices in swings as they offer many designs, sizes, styles, and colors. Weather resistant and durable, wooden porch swings make a great gift for loved ones and spectacular additions to a plain and ordinary porch. Outdoor remodeling can turn any home around. Simple accents like a wooden porch swing can add pizazz and comfort while adding to your homes curb appeal.

Designs and styles of porch swings vary greatly letting every home find the perfect fit. Many different types of wood can be used to create a more or less dramatic look to your wooden porch swing. Cedar, pine, and cypress are all very common woods with a high durability. Years and years of pleasure and comfort await in porch swings.

Nantucket Yellow Pine Porch Swing
Nantucket Yellow Pine Porch Swing

Painted porch swings are available in many colors making the possibility of standing out a guarantee. Yellow, red, blue, pink, white, orange, and purples can all make a statement while being your "happy place" to go and unwind. Inviting porch swings let your guests know that you like to relax and have a stunning sense of style and design. Everyone can take a seat on their wooden porch swing, book in hand, a nice glass of wine, or your special someones hand and let the feeling of bliss and relaxation take over.

Cedar Porch Swing
Cedar Porch Swing

Friday, July 30, 2010

Beautiful and Comfortable Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are one the oldest decorations and conveniences of homes across the world. Sitting out on the front porch relaxing in a wooden rocker, watching the kids play, the sunset, or just getting some fresh air is more than peaceful. Rocking chairs are also attractive adding a lovely bit of design to porches and patios.

Fanback Rocking Chair
Fanback Pine Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are made from many different kinds of wood and some even of plastic. Pine, oak, cedar and more let you have a unique look to your rocking chairs while providing a sturdy and attractive look. You can go for a rustic appearance with unfinished wood and rugged design or try a more sleek and elegant look with smooth painted wood. Rocking chairs have many options allowing everyone to find the perfect look for their porch or patio.

Double Rocking Chair
Double Rocking Chair

Imagine sitting on your porch in wooden rocking chairs and watching as the dogs race around the trees chasing the kids with birds chirping and wind blowing around you. Sounds like Heaven doesn't it? It's amazing what the comfort and beauty of rocking chairs can bring to your home and mind. Double rockers are great for cuddling up with that special someone to watch the sun rise, or set depending on which direction you're facing. Romance and comfort will allow you to spend hours in your rocking chair living a dream.

Rocking chairs are great for indoor or outdoor use. Sitting in the nursery rocking your little one to sleep in a comfortable rocking chair will leave memories of nurturing and love in your mind for many years. Something like that could make your rocking chair a very cherished possession.

Pawleys Island Rocking Chair
Pawley's Island Rocking Chair

Relaxing outdoors in one of the numerous styles of rocking chairs is a pastime favorite that many enjoy for years and years. The simplicity and comfort of a chair to rock back and forth in, feel the breeze as it flows by, and the ability to enjoy nature from the comfort of your own front porch all tie into the love of rocking chairs.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Garden Sundials Make Perfect Gifts

Garden Sundial

Sundials add an extra bit of flare and spark to your garden area. A beautiful and elegant accent, a garden sundial accentuates the beauty that's already around or starts the transition from ordinary to fantastic. So many designs and sizes make finding the perfect sundial for any garden a cinch.

With many parents and grandparents loving to tend to their gardens, sundials make excellent gifts for birthdays and holidays. For that mother who loves to make sure that the family roses are in place alongside the mums and lilies might enjoy an armillary sundial planted right in the middle for a touch of sophistication among her vibrant flowers. A quick and easy, yet thoughtful and lovely Mother's Day gift! Garden sundials show a personal reflection on the taste of receiver. Take the time to find the perfect sundial that reflects on personal preferences or hobbies.

Armillary Sundial

There are many types of sundials to choose from. Aluminum sundials are light weight and easy to move, perfect for the older grandparents that tend the flowers but don't need to lift too much weight. Cast iron sundials are very heavy, and very sturdy. Most cast iron sundials set directly on the ground or you can mount them upon a heavy pedestal that won't be easily moved. Brass sundials have weight to them and are usually of a different shade than cast irons and aluminum sundials. Most brass sundials have that nice brass finish in lining or detail to illuminate light.

Bird lovers, flower enthusiasts, sun and moon admirers, and even golfers have a design of sundial to add to their already magnificent garden area. Everyone can find the look that they need to fulfill mom or dads garden. Give gifts of pure thoughtfulness while being unique and different with garden sundials.

Garden Sundial on Pedestal

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finding your Perfect Wild Bird Feeder

Decorative Bird Feeder
Decorative Bird Feeder

Wild bird feeders are a great look for any garden area. Blending nature into your yard and landscaping can be easy and pleasant to the eyes. Decorative bird feeders have a way of adding a special spark to a dull tree or empty area in the garden. Decorative birdhouses can be placed on posts, trees, tables, or even on platforms on the ground. Different colors, sizes, shapes, and designs make decorative bird feeders perfect for anyone and any location.

Tube bird feeders are a bit more common than the decorative feeders. Easy to hang, easy to clean and refill, and small to take up less space, tube bird feeders are convenient and affordable. Tube bird feeders are one of the most popular choices in bird feeders as they are so easy to maintain.

Wild Bird Feeder
Platform Bird Feeder

Platform bird feeders are easy to use and place in your garden areas. Simple placement on a stand and pouring in a bit of bird food, that simple. Beautiful, simple, and elegant, platform bird feeders are an easy way to decorate your yard or garden along with inviting wild birds into your scenic haven.

Saving space or just don't have much but you'd still like to welcome in lovely wild birds? Window bird feeders are also convenient and easy to place. With suction cups that are strong and sturdy, you can hang window bird feeders on any window or door without taking up much space at all. Perfect for apartment buildings and condos, window wild bird feeders are affordable and attractive making it easier to show your love for nature and wildlife.

Window Bird Feeder
Window Bird Feeder

One of the most popular types of feeders for birds is the for the graceful and admirable hummingbirds. Hummingbird feeders are available in so many different designs, colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. Finding one to fit into your decor perfectly is easy no matter what your taste or budget. Elegant little hummers flying around and gathering nectar from your hummingbird feeders always gives kids and adults alike something beautiful to look at besides the flowers in the garden. From small feeders that two hummingbirds can eat out of to the larger ones that can accommodate up to ten hummingbirds, the attraction you want in your garden is completely up to you. If you like the traditional tube look for feeders with open tops, they are pretty easy to clean and maintain.

Hummingbird feeder
Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Then there is always a more decorative look with shelter and moats to keep rain and bugs away from the sweet nectar and buzzing little hummers. No one wants pesky bugs invading their food, including hummingbirds. Nectar is sweet and bugs are attracted to the sugary smell. Keeping moats on your hummingbird feeders is essential to keeping natures most elegant bird coming back year after year to your hummingbird feeder. Hummingbird feeders make great gifts for mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and every gardener and all the bird lovers in your life. Decorative and inviting, glass hummingbird feeders are a lovely accent to any yard.

Bird feeders make unique and lovely gifts for the holidays or just any day. Bringing a bit of splendor and bliss to any garden, bird feeders can brighten anyone's day, week, month or year as they glance outside and see the swarms of birds being fed with love.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wedding Arbors for Spring

Spring is in the air and summer is near. The air is filled with love, laughter and weddings. Nothing compliments an outdoor wedding better than wedding arbors. Wedding arbors add elegance and beauty to any wedding or beach setting. Wedding arbors also create the picture perfect setting for capturing all of your memorable moments on your special day.

wedding arborNantucket Deluxe Vinyl Wedding Arbor

Wedding arbors are normally seen in plain white and are easy to decorate. Decorating arbors are fun and easy by adding your own style and creativity. Within a matter of minutes you can have a wedding arbor decorated and looking like a true fairytale. With wedding arbors you are able to decorate it by using plant vines, tulle, garland and even lights to match your wedding colors. Not only are wedding arbors a cinch to decorate they are also effortless to maintain. Buying a vinyl wedding arbor from Yard Envy guarantees a 20 year warranty, no fading in color and no discoloration.

Buying an arbor is also beneficial. Once your magical day is over, you can use your arbor as a gateway to your garden and have a lasting memory every time you enter or look out the back door. You can also turn your wedding arbor into a bench overlooking the lake or your favorite rose garden. You may even accent an arbor with a vinyl gate, cottage picket wings or add an arbor to your vinyl picket fencing. Yard Envy offers many arbor accessories at an affordable price and something for everyone's personal preferences.

Vinyl arbors are fun to decorate and easy to maintain, giving you more time to spend with loved ones and in the garden. Spruce up any event and enjoy your backyard at it's finest with a stunning vinyl wedding arbor.

seat bench kit Camelot Planter Vinyl Arbor Seat Kit
wedding arborNewport Vinyl Arbor with Picket Fencing
wedding arbor with gateWindsor Vinyl Arbor Gate

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Choosing Your Outdoor Hammock

There is nothing more satisfying then walking outside after a hard days work and letting yourself get lost in a hammock. Imagine relaxing with a nice, cold glass of sweet tea and feeling the cool breeze pass by your face while enjoying nature at it's finest. Enjoy every season while lifted in the air and being swayed from side to side in an outdoor hammock.

rope hammock
Rope Hammocks

There are many styles of hammocks to choose from to suit your personal style and the temperatures of where you reside. Rope hammocks are very popular for warmer climates as they allow air to flow through them while keeping you comfortable. Rope hammocks are made from polyester or cotton. Cotton rope hammocks are softer and more comfortable than polyester hammocks, but are more susceptible to mold, mildew, and UV damage. Polyester rope hammocks are more durable and better suited for ocean side, humidity and sun. After two or three uses your hammock should reach its full length and you can adjust how it's hung. With proper care and use, rope hammocks will last for many years to come.

fabric hammock
Fabric Hammock

For people that live in cooler and windy climates, a fabric hammock would be the perfect choice. Fabric hammocks are also leaders in the comfort department. Express yourself with fun, vibrant patterns or solid colors. Grab a small pillow and snuggle up for a nice afternoon nap while listening to the birds singing.

camping hammock
Camping Hammock

Camping hammocks are perfect for those who love to hike, camp and explore the outdoors. They are portable and lightweight and keep the bugs and water out. Sleep with the trees and never worry about having to locate a flat spot to set up for the night. You'll be sleeping soundly while bundled up snug. With a portable camping hammock, there is no tedious tear down of a tent, so you will have more time to enjoy the hiking trails.

fabric hammock
Fabric Hammock without Spreader Bars

If you don't have the perfect trees to use, no worries. There are hammock stands made with the choice of wood or metal frames. Wooden frames are popular due to their natural look, and wooden hammock stands are very study. Metal hammock stands are easy to assemble and lighter in weight, which makes moving hammocks around easier.

When purchasing an outdoor hammock, you might want to consider spreader bars for the hammock. Spreader bars are positioned on the top and bottom of the hammock. Spreader bars are not a necessity, but do allow getting on and off the hammock a little easier. Spreader bars also allow the hammock to lay flat, instead of wrapping around the body with a cocoon effect.

Lay down, let loose and let your mind wonder off into a magical place of relaxation. Enjoy any sunrise and sunset in a hammock fit perfectly for you. Hope you have a safe and relaxing year while enjoying your hammock.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tips on Hummingbird Feeders

Spring has finally sprung, and the birds are chirping, bees are buzzing, and the air is warm and sweet. Hummingbird feeders make such a delightful and colorful addition to the beautiful weather. If you have never used a hummingbird feeder, consider adding one to your yard or deck this year. Hummingbird feeders require their share of maintenance, but once the hummingbirds begin to pay regular visits to the feeder, it is all worth it.

To attract hummingbirds to your feeder, keep in mind that the feeder is filled with nectar for energy, not for food.

hummingbird feeders

Hummingbird Nectar:

  • Nectar is simply sugar water with a 1:3 ratio of sugar to water
  • Only use table sugar - never artificial sweeteners, honey, or brown sugar, as these can all be fatal
  • Use tap or spring water, never distilled water
  • Nectar will last 2-4 days in summer, 4-6 days in cooler spring weather
  • Change nectar whenever it gets cloudy or moldy
  • Always clean hummingbird feeders before refilling

Insects: If bees are an issue, you can set out another hummingbird feeder with a 1:5 sugar water solution to drive the bees to the sweeter feeder and away from the hummingbirds. Use ant moats to prevent ants from accessing the sugar water. Ant moats can be used above or below feeders.

Environment: Hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors, so hummingbird feeders and flowers should all be vibrant in color for best results. Hummingbirds like open throated tubular pollinating flowers like fuchsia and sage, in colors of red, blue, orange, and yellow. Since hummingbirds are territorial, using more than one feeder, or feeders with multiple feeding ports, will attract many more hummingbirds. Hummingbirds like water to bathe and drink, so a bird bath is very inviting. Providing shade from sun and rain will also keep hummingbirds at your feeder longer, as well as help preserve the nectar in the summer.

Relax outdoors and enjoy the entertainment of hummingbirds. One of the many benefits of providing an attractive environment for hummingbirds is the appeal such improvements make on your general landscape. The smells of the fresh flowers, the reflection of the sun off the decorative bird baths, and the bright colors decorative flair of the hummingbird feeders all provide beauty and outdoor appeal.

hummingbird feedersHummingbird Feeder with Pagoda Shelter

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Decorative Birdhouses Beckon Spring to Return

Spring can be a tease, giving us a few warm days with the promise of green leaves and budding tulips, and then taking it all back with a foot of snow and a week of blistering cold winds. We get so excited to run outdoors and seize a 60° day, and we want to hang on to the hope that soon the snow will end and Spring will be here to stay. These gorgeous weekends are often spent hiking, clearing away decomposing wet leaves, and pruning fruit trees with the hope that the last deep freeze has passed.

Spring Tulip by davidezartz

Preparing for Spring wakens our senses, allowing us to smell the fresh air while planning new landscaping designs for curb appeal and outdoor entertaining. This is also a great time for cleaning and putting up bird houses before the birds return for the season. Many rustic bird houses can withstand heavy snowfall, and decorative bird houses brighten up dull yards with vibrant colors and designs, while offering a safe residence for bird families.

Sconset Cottage Decorative Bird HouseSconset Cottage Decorative Bird House

Choices in decorative bird houses include Victorian houses, beach houses, cottages, churches, and castles. From cabin bird houses to club houses and the historic San Francisco Row bird house, decorative bird houses offer memories, beauty, and safety. Beckon the return of Spring and birds while enjoying the view of a brightly painted decorative bird house.

Victorian Cottage Decorative Bird HouseVictorian Cottage Decorative Bird House $31.95

Medieval Castle Decorative Bird HouseMedieval Castle Decorative Bird House

San Francisco Decorative Bird HouseSan Francisco Decorative Bird House