Monday, December 28, 2009

Vinyl Arbors Covered In Snow

Vinyl arbors are well respected in the landscape and garden realm. Able to withstand years of heavy snows, freezing rains, and scorching sun and heat, vinyl arbors last years longer than traditional wooden arbors. Vinyl arbors offer colors of white, tan, and black, and look beautiful when placed along a fence or used with gates, benches, and wings.

Vinyl arbors are picturesque in any environment, but look exceptional when standing tall and proud in a garden blanketed with snow. Vinyl arbors are strong and durable, and offers a selection of vinyl arbors that promise 20 year warranties against cracks, discoloration, and any other defects. Vinyl arbors are intended for years of outdoor use, rain or shine, snow or dry heat.

vinyl arbors
vinyl arbors
vinyl arbors
vinyl arbors

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bird Houses Get Feature Review

Bird houses are a popular solution for increasing the aesthetic and curbside appeal of a yard or garden. The October 2009 issue of This Old House featured's Red Cape Cod Wren Bird House, as well as a few additional models that can be found at This Old House magazine is dedicated to helping freshen homes inside and out, providing home solutions, tips, DIY projects, and product reviews. Below are some of the bird houses highlighted in the "Architectural Birdhouses" article.

Cape Code Wren Bird HouseCape Code Wren Bird House
featured in "This Old House"

Painted Bird HousesPainted Bird Houses
Arts and Crafts Bird House

Victorian Bird HousesVictorian Bird Houses

Clubhouse Decorative BirdhousesDecorative Birdhouses

Bird houses are available in so many styles and designs, from rustic wooden bird houses to elaborate chateaus. The sweet and gentle sounds of a songbird in the morning and the joy of watching birds communicate and flutter peacefully can ease the stresses caused by a long work week and busy schedule. When spring nears, bird houses are erected quickly, in an effort to attract new birds as well as to continue to provide a home for previous residents.

While it is extremely enjoyable to be a bird landlord, there are a few steps that should be followed to improve your birds habitat. Birds are natural prey to House Sparrows, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, and owls. Position your bird house strategically to offer birds protection from invasion by predators. Try to use posts or poles that will keep bird houses at least 5 feet above the ground, and use a baffle to make climbing the posts difficult. Place the bird house 10 feet or further from trees and buildings to ward off jumping squirrels and raccoons. Bird houses typically offer holes too small for House Sparrows to enter, so as long as you select a bird house with a small opening, invasion by Sparrows will be less of a concern.

Bird houses should not be monitored too closely, but be sure to check on your birds during periods of extreme heat or heavy rains lasting for than just a couple days. White bird houses are suggested in hot climates to reflect the sun's rays, and consider placing a bird feeder close to the bird house if rain is a concern. Birds who feed on insects lose their food supply during continuous rainfall and may need supplemental nutrition.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Teak Patio Furniture Endures Long Winters

teak bench in snow

Teak Patio Furniture endures the coldest and longest of winters, from blizzards in Montana to wet and windy rains in Georgia. There is never a need to bring teak patio furniture in from the cold - it holds up just fine covered in two feet of fresh white snow. Teak furniture also holds up to hot, humid climates, and the wood never gets heated under the blistering sun.

Teak wood contains an abundance of natural oils that serve as a barrier against the elements, no matter how extreme the weather may be. Teak wood can be protected or returned to its original color at any time, although many people prefer the natural patina finish of weathered teak. It takes approximately one year for untreated teak wood to reach the uniform patina finish, but this weathering process will only occur if the teak is left outdoors.

Teak patio furniture is an excellent choice for any home or landscape. Teak is often considered a luxury, but with manufacturer warranties covering upwards of 20 years, teak is clearly more of a sound investment than it is a luxury.

teak patio furnitureTeak Patio Furniture

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bird Feeders for Winter Survival

Bird feeders

Bird feeders are a fun and attractive addition to any yard. Bird feeders come in many styles and varieties, from platform feeders to squirrel proof tube feeders and hummingbird feeders. The most common bird food is black oil sunflower seed, although peanuts, fruits, suet cakes, and mealworms are also popular.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand how vital it is to keep bird feeders full through the winter. There is a general misconception that birds fly south for the winter, so bird feeders can be brought indoors or neglected until the return of Spring. This is entirely untrue, as many birds remain in their northern habitats through the harsh and cold winter months and need food from humans to survive. Bluebirds and cardinals are examples of birds that will remain up north, and fruit and insect diets are impossible to maintain once the freeze sets in. Becoming educated on bird facts will help to ensure the correct feeders are being used for the different birds in each region, and the best foods are being provided.

Wooden bird feedersWooden Bird Feeder
Made in U.S.A.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birdhouses for Christmas

Castle BirdhouseMedieval Castle Birdhouse

Birdhouses make a great Christmas gift idea for so many types of people. From children to grandparents, birdhouses bring out our nurturing capabilities as we learn to attract, feed, and protect our bird friends. Most decorative birdhouses are suitable for beginner birders as well as seasoned enthusiasts. Holes are typically cut for 1.25" diameter, which is good for small birds like chickadees, but is too small for larger aggressive birds, and hungry squirrels. Fun birdhouse designs include beach houses, castles, cottages, churches, and clubhouses. Decorative birdhouses make great gifts because you can personalize the gift to be designed according to the receivers interests.

This year, try sending a birdhouse to a niece or nephew far away, or to your favorite uncle who already has a dozen birdhouses. Easy to attach to a tree or post, or connect to a post, most basic birdhouses require little maintenance, and you are doing your part to shelter a bird family. All bird houses at also include free shipping!

Hobbit House BirdhouseHobbit House Birdhouse

Recycled BirdhouseRecycled Wooden Birdhouse with Vines and Ladybugs

Prairie BirdhousePrairie Birdhouse

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Top 10 Christmas Gifts Under $50

Christmas gift season is here, and the malls are packed! Kids are laying all their trust in Santa bringing them the pegasus they have been dreaming of, and families are planning to gather for gift exchanges and holiday dinners. Whether your family is large or small, gift giving just seems harder when you have 4 brothers and 11 nieces and nephews, plus multiple sets of inlaws and grandparents. How to buy for everyone, and what to get?

Brass sundials and armillary sundials sell big during the holidays, as do bird houses and bird feeders. YardEnvy offers numerous Christmas gift possibilities, and below is the Top 10 list of the best Christmas gifts under $50 that can be found at Shipping and lead times were taken into consideration, so all of the items listed below ship quickly, allowing plenty of time for gift-wrapping.

Aluminum SundialsSun and Moon Aluminum Sundial $35.99
Sundials are great for use in gardens and are timeless classics for any gardener or landscape artist.

Fabric HammocksBrazilian Style Aruba Hammock XL $49.99
Brazilian hammocks allow people to lay diagonally and vertically, and are a great way to relax and enjoy the days.

Victorian Cottage Bird HouseYellow Victorian Cottage Bird House $38.99
This bird house is a best seller every Christmas, and comes in white as well.

Glass Hummingbird FeedersButterfly Bouquet Glass Hummingbird Feeder $47.99
Glass hummingbird feeders are extremely attractive, and bright red feeding ports and glass drops attract hummingbirds.

Squirrel Proof Bird FeedersSquirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeder $43
Birdwatch America Award Winner
Help any avid bird feeder with the gift of a Squirrel Buster Classic bird feeder. This bird feeder was awarded the winner of "Best New Product" by Birdwatch America. Numerous features include a ventilation system and a closing mechanism that blocks squirrel access to feeding ports.

Gazing Balls6" Rusted Steel Garden Globe $13.99
Revel in the mystical history of gazing globes, and give the gift of wealth this year.

Camping HammockParachute Traveller Camping Hammock $25.95
Great gift for avid campers and hikers. Camping hammocks are light for easy travel and carry, and open easily.

Bat HouseMini Bat House $31.95
Give the gift of education with this solidly constructed wooden bat house, proudly Made in the USA

Casita Bird HouseCasita Bird House $42.99
Adorable decorated Casita Bird house. Great gift for the girl or woman in your life, and painted and colorful for lively flair.

Collegiate Sports Wind SpinnersCollegiate Kinetic Wind Spinners $25.99
Sports fanatics love NFL and college products, and these officially licensed kinetic wind spinners have team logos and colors. Go, team!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

YardEnvy has Spirit, yes we do!

It is that time of year again! The smell of football, shooting hoops and Christmas. You may wonder what all of these have in common? Scoreboard Clocks. Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas present or planning the next Bowl Game party, a scoreboard clock is just what you need. Available at, these Scoreboard Clocks are available in College and NFL teams and feature an LED readout of date, time and temperature. Each clock has your team's logo and is Officially Licensed. With the option of putting the clock indoors or outdoors, you can hang one almost anywhere. It's about time to get yours!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bird Houses at Yard Envy

Bird houses at are often considered a bird's delight. While Yard Envy does offer both rustic and recycled bird houses, there is also a huge selection of painted and historical bird houses. Bird lovers can choose from San Francisco Victorian bird houses, cottages, mansions, beach houses, and churches.

Not every house is for every bird. provides houses designed specifically for purple martins, wrens, finches, and all sizes of birds. With great resources available to assist in bird identification and education, as well as designs for bird gardens, Yard Envy proves that birds are a serious matter.