Thursday, October 20, 2011

Starlight Spheres Liven the Garden for Winter

A Garden in Winter
A Garden in Winter

How to Put An Edge on Your Garden in Winter

With the winter coming, many of the flowers you planted in the spring will wither and disappear. Without the brightness of the plants, the garden will need a bit more tending to keep it interesting during the cold months. To supplement the flowers that are not year round, try hanging lights.

Starlight Spheres Brighten the Garden

Patriotic Starlight Sphere

Starlight spheres are very much what they sound like. The circular ball contains many colorful mini lights that shine light in all directions much like a star. Starlight spheres also come on stakes so that they can be placed right in the ground.

The starlight spheres have multiple colors to breathe life back into the dull colored winter garden. There are even patriotic spheres for those who want to show off red, white, and blue. Multicolor options are available for an iridescent rainbow effect, while the most popular sphere is a clear bulb that looks like a shining star in the night sky.

Seasonal Decorations

Clear Starlight Sphere

Another way to brighten the garden is by adding seasonal Halloween and Christmas lights. Bright bulbs in reds, greens, oranges, and a range of other colors lighten up the area when there are no colorful flowers to do so.

While many lighting options come pre-strung, some bulbs and strings come seperate. With any strings, however, clean lines can be problematic without hanging clips. These clips hold all types of lights and keep strings from unnecessary tangling. Hanging clips help you avoid a messy look by assuring the lines will remain clean.

Combine Decorations for More Life

Because the garden suffers in the winter, combine lights to liven it up once again. You can never have enough decoration to pull your landscaping design out of the winter blues.

Starlight Spheres Hung Above a Street
Starlight Spheres Hung Above a Street

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birdhouses Protect Birds from Coming Winter

Birdhouse in Snow
Birdhouse in Snow

Winter is Coming

When winter comes, we expect the birds to go South for the warmth and comfort of the summer. Some birds, however, do not migrate, but are instead year round visitors. Birds that tend to linger even during the winter include woodpeckers, owls, the northern cardinal, the tufted titmouse, the bluejay, the chickadee, the white-breasted nuthatch, the Carolina wren, and some doves.

Because these birds never leave, they must store up food and fat for the winter and work harder to survive. There are several things you can do help the birds during this tough time.

Bird in the Winter
Bird in the Winter

Birdhouses Can Protect Birds from the Elements

While it is tough for birds to survive in the winter without migrating, it is possible. Birds need shelter and birdhouses can offer the shelter that they so desperately require. While their feathers do keep them warm, they've also stored up fat for the winter. Some birds shiver to raise their body temperature, but oftentimes this isn't enough to keep them fully warm. The birdhouses do that for them, allowing them a place to roost at the coldest times with other birds.

Make sure that the birdhouse you choose is large enough for the type of birds that you have in your area. Some birds need large houses while others need smaller, cozier homes. If you want your yard to stay active in the winter, the best thing you could do for your bird friends is to provide them with appropriate shelter as well as other necessities for the winter.

Large Birdhouse
Large Birdhouse

Other Things that Help Winter Birds

Offer good food filled with high fat content such as seeds, suet, and scraps. Make sure to keep the feeders full so that the birds do not go hungry through the cold nights as they may need the food to raise their body temperatures.

Offer liquid water for the birds to drink as it helps them to hydrate and replenish themselves. Even frozen water is better than none. Every creature needs water to survive, and birds are no exception.

Enjoy Your Winter Friends

If you follow these easy steps then your yard birds will have an enjoyable winter. Take good care of your feathered friends and they'll reward you with glimpses of their gorgeous winter feathers.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lighted Palm Trees Offer Affordable Peace in Decoration

Imagine a peaceful beach scene with the sun setting and waves lapping against the sand. Undoubtedly, there's a palm tree in your fantasy. Decorating with palm trees has become a popular practice, especially for those who want to bring the beach to their home or business. Artificial palm trees save money since they do not have to be imported from the beach and can be used year after year. Lighted palm trees take the beach atmosphere and combine it with a bright and joyful feel that simultaneously catches the eye and provides ambient lighting.

Because the lighted palm trees are made for outdoors as well as indoors, decorating with them becomes limitless. Personally, I'd love to put one pool side, though they're also great for gardens, patios and any other place you want to relax. Rope light palm trees are available in varying heights for whatever area needs to be decorated. They're also available in LEDs to save money and give a little bit of extra shine into the darkness.

Paradise palm tree

Many business owners like to put palm trees near their bars for a great atmosphere. They'd also look nice in a game room setting or even a man cave. Many of the lighted palm trees, in particular the Paradise palm trees, are very tall and for commercial use. A palm tree that large and colorful really gives off a Vegas vibe that's hard to deny. It's impossible not to have a good time standing next to one of these.

Tiara palm tree

No matter what you're looking for, even if it's multi-colored tiara palm tree, there is a shape, height and style perfect for any area. Grab a margarita and relax the next time you have a summer party or take your palm tree indoors and enjoy summer all year long.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Giving Mom an Armillary Sundial for Mother's Day

Mother's day is just 18 days away! Wow, it crept up fast this year. Keeping in tradition, mom not only expects, but deserves a special gift this year.

Garden Armillary SundialGarden Armillary Sundial

Many of us have a mother who spends a great deal of her free time outside when spring arrives. And during the season when flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and decorating needs be done, who could blame her? This year lets try something different for mom. Let's stray away from the ordinary bouquet of flowers that die in a week or the book she's been waiting for. Armillary sundials are a beautiful way to add spice and pizazz to moms garden and believe me, she'll be more than ecstatic to add such a classic piece to her own little paradise.

Garden armillary sundials have a look that surpasses all other garden decor. Both classy and beautiful these sundials are also available in different materials, such as brass, aluminum, and cast iron. Finding a sundial that fits your budget and lifestyle is easy with these options. Then of course you have different designs! Some armillary sundials have star accents, quotes, and other unique designs.

When mom sees the beautiful sundial you've given her to add even more beauty to her already amazing garden, she'll be smiling from ear to ear. The perfect gift for mother's day is one that she'll be able to love for years and years. Her new armillary sundial is sure to do the trick!

Armillary SundialArmillary Sundial
Brass Armillary SundialBrass Armillary Sundial

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Neighbors Share the Joys of Being a Birdhouse Owner

Walking up the street in my neighborhood, I noticed that so many of my neighbors were enjoying their yards, patios, and gardens. "Must be spring," I thought with a smile. Then I noticed how quiet it was, only the sound of chirping in the air. It was peaceful, serene even. I immediately felt harmonious with nature. Being the nosey Nancy I am, I had to wonder into a neighbors garden to ask her why her house seemed so much closer to nature than mine. She pointed to her new birdhouse by the fountain, telling me her son gave it to her for Valentine's Day. Aha, now I see.

As I ventured back to my house I noticed lovely decorative birdhouses and hummingbird feeders along the lines of trees that separate homes, as well as some hanging from hooks near flower beds and in ground ponds. No wonder they have all the birds flocking to their houses, they are like a Bed and Breakfast for feather wearers! "I've got to get in on this," I said to myself. As soon as I got back home I went online and started shopping for birdhouses that would fit my budget and work well with my garden space. It didn't take long before I stumbled upon Yard Envy's site and found an enormous selection of birdhouses, both decorative and traditional that I loved.

Classic Chapel Bird HouseClassic Chapel Birdhouse

I am proud to say that this beauty is now in my front yard, calling out to flyers by! It's been amazing at the number of birds that have visited and sought out shelter from the rain in this cozy chapel of mine. It makes me want to grab a couple more, you know, in case of 40 day storm or something!

I did stumble onto a page of glass hummingbird feeders while I was deciding (for hours) between my chapel birdhouse and an adorable yellow cottage I found. The hummingbird feeders not only caught my eye, but had my boyfriend's interest as well. He said "hey, wouldn't that look good on the patio?" You've got to love a man who unknowingly gives you permission to shop. So I found two glass hummingbird feeders, so I wouldn't have to beat myself up in decision making again, and in a couple of days there was one on my patio and one in my walkway garden. Know I've got birds of all shapes and sizes flocking around and chirping on my side of the cul de sac! Finally, peace and nature come to me, and I gave my guest something to comment on when they visit.

Glass Hummingbird Feeder StakesGlass Hummingbird Feeder Stakes

Bouquet Lunch Pail Glass Hummingbird FeederBouquet Lunch Pail Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bird House Giveaway at Yard Envy

Spring is here - at least here in Georgia - and to celebrate the beginning of the season, Yard Envy has announced a bird house giveaway. The giveaway is actually a contest, but the winner is a bird house. Yard Envy is seeking to find the Most Popular Bird House of 2011. Among the six best selling bird houses competing for the title are the Clubhouse Birdhouse, the Copper Songbird, Cape Cod Cottage, Hobbitt House, Country Church and Victorian Manor.

Yard Envy felt it was fitting to tie the giveaway in with the 2011 Masters, since one of the houses that is eligible for the giveaway is the Clubhouse - an architectural replica of the Southern plantation style clubhouse at the Augusta National Golf Club.

How will the giveaway work? Simply visit Yard Envy and vote whichever of the six best selling bird houses you most want to win. The bird house contest ends the day of the 2011 masters, and whichever bird house received the most votes is the winning bird house, and will be sent to one of the lucky voters.

Be sure to sign up to receive notice on weekly specials posted on the Yard Envy company page on Facebook as well. Each week a new weekly special will be announced, so don't miss out!

Don't forget to cast your vote and sign up for a chance to receive a free bird house from Yard Envy. Here is a brief look at a few of the best selling bird houses you will be voting for:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Decorative Birdhouses Inspired by American Treasures

Decorative birdhouses have many different designs, including historical monuments that bring a piece of American history into gardens. From golf course clubhouses to the memorial garden's of past presidents, birdhouses are being made to replicate some of our most lovely buildings.

Masters Clubhouse in Augusta
Masters Clubhouse in Augusta

The clubhouse birdhouse below is a perfect example. An exact look alike to the Masters clubhouse in Augusta (above), this birdhouse is a top seller. Not only because it is the most famous clubhouse in America, but because it's also a fast seller among families of golfers.

Clubhouse Birdhouse
Clubhouse Birdhouse

Made to withstand the elements, decorative birdhouses are not only lovely in the garden, but also durable so that birds can come back and enjoy the safety of shelter for years to come. Shingled roofs and sturdy plastic siding give these birdhouses all they need to be easily maintained. Knowing that our sweet little chirping friends are safe from storms and other predators also gives us a piece of mind. Designed with small holes for entry and exit, decorative birdhouses give birds safety from nasty rain storms, pets, and other pesky predators.

Listening to the birds sing as they are out tending the garden can be a stress reliever to many. The eye pleasing sight of the decorative birdhouse, with a wrap around porch and a shingled roof, is also enjoyable as guest stop by. Keeping the garden pleasurable with both design and nature, decorative birdhouses are truly the way to go.

Below are some more of the most unique replicas of this countries historical treasures. Bringing these monuments home adds a unique and proud appearance to any garden.

Round House Lighthouse

Round Island Lighthouse BirdhouseRound Island Lighthouse Birdhouse

Starbarn in PennsylvaniaStarbarn in Pennsylvania

Starbarn BirdhouseStarbarn Birdhouse