Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birdhouses Protect Birds from Coming Winter

Birdhouse in Snow
Birdhouse in Snow

Winter is Coming

When winter comes, we expect the birds to go South for the warmth and comfort of the summer. Some birds, however, do not migrate, but are instead year round visitors. Birds that tend to linger even during the winter include woodpeckers, owls, the northern cardinal, the tufted titmouse, the bluejay, the chickadee, the white-breasted nuthatch, the Carolina wren, and some doves.

Because these birds never leave, they must store up food and fat for the winter and work harder to survive. There are several things you can do help the birds during this tough time.

Bird in the Winter
Bird in the Winter

Birdhouses Can Protect Birds from the Elements

While it is tough for birds to survive in the winter without migrating, it is possible. Birds need shelter and birdhouses can offer the shelter that they so desperately require. While their feathers do keep them warm, they've also stored up fat for the winter. Some birds shiver to raise their body temperature, but oftentimes this isn't enough to keep them fully warm. The birdhouses do that for them, allowing them a place to roost at the coldest times with other birds.

Make sure that the birdhouse you choose is large enough for the type of birds that you have in your area. Some birds need large houses while others need smaller, cozier homes. If you want your yard to stay active in the winter, the best thing you could do for your bird friends is to provide them with appropriate shelter as well as other necessities for the winter.

Large Birdhouse
Large Birdhouse

Other Things that Help Winter Birds

Offer good food filled with high fat content such as seeds, suet, and scraps. Make sure to keep the feeders full so that the birds do not go hungry through the cold nights as they may need the food to raise their body temperatures.

Offer liquid water for the birds to drink as it helps them to hydrate and replenish themselves. Even frozen water is better than none. Every creature needs water to survive, and birds are no exception.

Enjoy Your Winter Friends

If you follow these easy steps then your yard birds will have an enjoyable winter. Take good care of your feathered friends and they'll reward you with glimpses of their gorgeous winter feathers.

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