Thursday, October 20, 2011

Starlight Spheres Liven the Garden for Winter

A Garden in Winter
A Garden in Winter

How to Put An Edge on Your Garden in Winter

With the winter coming, many of the flowers you planted in the spring will wither and disappear. Without the brightness of the plants, the garden will need a bit more tending to keep it interesting during the cold months. To supplement the flowers that are not year round, try hanging lights.

Starlight Spheres Brighten the Garden

Patriotic Starlight Sphere

Starlight spheres are very much what they sound like. The circular ball contains many colorful mini lights that shine light in all directions much like a star. Starlight spheres also come on stakes so that they can be placed right in the ground.

The starlight spheres have multiple colors to breathe life back into the dull colored winter garden. There are even patriotic spheres for those who want to show off red, white, and blue. Multicolor options are available for an iridescent rainbow effect, while the most popular sphere is a clear bulb that looks like a shining star in the night sky.

Seasonal Decorations

Clear Starlight Sphere

Another way to brighten the garden is by adding seasonal Halloween and Christmas lights. Bright bulbs in reds, greens, oranges, and a range of other colors lighten up the area when there are no colorful flowers to do so.

While many lighting options come pre-strung, some bulbs and strings come seperate. With any strings, however, clean lines can be problematic without hanging clips. These clips hold all types of lights and keep strings from unnecessary tangling. Hanging clips help you avoid a messy look by assuring the lines will remain clean.

Combine Decorations for More Life

Because the garden suffers in the winter, combine lights to liven it up once again. You can never have enough decoration to pull your landscaping design out of the winter blues.

Starlight Spheres Hung Above a Street
Starlight Spheres Hung Above a Street

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