Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finding your Perfect Wild Bird Feeder

Decorative Bird Feeder
Decorative Bird Feeder

Wild bird feeders are a great look for any garden area. Blending nature into your yard and landscaping can be easy and pleasant to the eyes. Decorative bird feeders have a way of adding a special spark to a dull tree or empty area in the garden. Decorative birdhouses can be placed on posts, trees, tables, or even on platforms on the ground. Different colors, sizes, shapes, and designs make decorative bird feeders perfect for anyone and any location.

Tube bird feeders are a bit more common than the decorative feeders. Easy to hang, easy to clean and refill, and small to take up less space, tube bird feeders are convenient and affordable. Tube bird feeders are one of the most popular choices in bird feeders as they are so easy to maintain.

Wild Bird Feeder
Platform Bird Feeder

Platform bird feeders are easy to use and place in your garden areas. Simple placement on a stand and pouring in a bit of bird food, that simple. Beautiful, simple, and elegant, platform bird feeders are an easy way to decorate your yard or garden along with inviting wild birds into your scenic haven.

Saving space or just don't have much but you'd still like to welcome in lovely wild birds? Window bird feeders are also convenient and easy to place. With suction cups that are strong and sturdy, you can hang window bird feeders on any window or door without taking up much space at all. Perfect for apartment buildings and condos, window wild bird feeders are affordable and attractive making it easier to show your love for nature and wildlife.

Window Bird Feeder
Window Bird Feeder

One of the most popular types of feeders for birds is the for the graceful and admirable hummingbirds. Hummingbird feeders are available in so many different designs, colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. Finding one to fit into your decor perfectly is easy no matter what your taste or budget. Elegant little hummers flying around and gathering nectar from your hummingbird feeders always gives kids and adults alike something beautiful to look at besides the flowers in the garden. From small feeders that two hummingbirds can eat out of to the larger ones that can accommodate up to ten hummingbirds, the attraction you want in your garden is completely up to you. If you like the traditional tube look for feeders with open tops, they are pretty easy to clean and maintain.

Hummingbird feeder
Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Then there is always a more decorative look with shelter and moats to keep rain and bugs away from the sweet nectar and buzzing little hummers. No one wants pesky bugs invading their food, including hummingbirds. Nectar is sweet and bugs are attracted to the sugary smell. Keeping moats on your hummingbird feeders is essential to keeping natures most elegant bird coming back year after year to your hummingbird feeder. Hummingbird feeders make great gifts for mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and every gardener and all the bird lovers in your life. Decorative and inviting, glass hummingbird feeders are a lovely accent to any yard.

Bird feeders make unique and lovely gifts for the holidays or just any day. Bringing a bit of splendor and bliss to any garden, bird feeders can brighten anyone's day, week, month or year as they glance outside and see the swarms of birds being fed with love.