Friday, March 25, 2011

Bird House Giveaway at Yard Envy

Spring is here - at least here in Georgia - and to celebrate the beginning of the season, Yard Envy has announced a bird house giveaway. The giveaway is actually a contest, but the winner is a bird house. Yard Envy is seeking to find the Most Popular Bird House of 2011. Among the six best selling bird houses competing for the title are the Clubhouse Birdhouse, the Copper Songbird, Cape Cod Cottage, Hobbitt House, Country Church and Victorian Manor.

Yard Envy felt it was fitting to tie the giveaway in with the 2011 Masters, since one of the houses that is eligible for the giveaway is the Clubhouse - an architectural replica of the Southern plantation style clubhouse at the Augusta National Golf Club.

How will the giveaway work? Simply visit Yard Envy and vote whichever of the six best selling bird houses you most want to win. The bird house contest ends the day of the 2011 masters, and whichever bird house received the most votes is the winning bird house, and will be sent to one of the lucky voters.

Be sure to sign up to receive notice on weekly specials posted on the Yard Envy company page on Facebook as well. Each week a new weekly special will be announced, so don't miss out!

Don't forget to cast your vote and sign up for a chance to receive a free bird house from Yard Envy. Here is a brief look at a few of the best selling bird houses you will be voting for:

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