Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Top 10 Christmas Gifts Under $50

Christmas gift season is here, and the malls are packed! Kids are laying all their trust in Santa bringing them the pegasus they have been dreaming of, and families are planning to gather for gift exchanges and holiday dinners. Whether your family is large or small, gift giving just seems harder when you have 4 brothers and 11 nieces and nephews, plus multiple sets of inlaws and grandparents. How to buy for everyone, and what to get?

Brass sundials and armillary sundials sell big during the holidays, as do bird houses and bird feeders. YardEnvy offers numerous Christmas gift possibilities, and below is the Top 10 list of the best Christmas gifts under $50 that can be found at YardEnvy.com. Shipping and lead times were taken into consideration, so all of the items listed below ship quickly, allowing plenty of time for gift-wrapping.

Aluminum SundialsSun and Moon Aluminum Sundial $35.99
Sundials are great for use in gardens and are timeless classics for any gardener or landscape artist.

Fabric HammocksBrazilian Style Aruba Hammock XL $49.99
Brazilian hammocks allow people to lay diagonally and vertically, and are a great way to relax and enjoy the days.

Victorian Cottage Bird HouseYellow Victorian Cottage Bird House $38.99
This bird house is a best seller every Christmas, and comes in white as well.

Glass Hummingbird FeedersButterfly Bouquet Glass Hummingbird Feeder $47.99
Glass hummingbird feeders are extremely attractive, and bright red feeding ports and glass drops attract hummingbirds.

Squirrel Proof Bird FeedersSquirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeder $43
Birdwatch America Award Winner
Help any avid bird feeder with the gift of a Squirrel Buster Classic bird feeder. This bird feeder was awarded the winner of "Best New Product" by Birdwatch America. Numerous features include a ventilation system and a closing mechanism that blocks squirrel access to feeding ports.

Gazing Balls6" Rusted Steel Garden Globe $13.99
Revel in the mystical history of gazing globes, and give the gift of wealth this year.

Camping HammockParachute Traveller Camping Hammock $25.95
Great gift for avid campers and hikers. Camping hammocks are light for easy travel and carry, and open easily.

Bat HouseMini Bat House $31.95
Give the gift of education with this solidly constructed wooden bat house, proudly Made in the USA

Casita Bird HouseCasita Bird House $42.99
Adorable decorated Casita Bird house. Great gift for the girl or woman in your life, and painted and colorful for lively flair.

Collegiate Sports Wind SpinnersCollegiate Kinetic Wind Spinners $25.99
Sports fanatics love NFL and college products, and these officially licensed kinetic wind spinners have team logos and colors. Go, team!


  1. I would love someone to send me a hammock!

  2. Are there any college or NFL hammocks? That would be even better