Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birdhouses for Christmas

Castle BirdhouseMedieval Castle Birdhouse

Birdhouses make a great Christmas gift idea for so many types of people. From children to grandparents, birdhouses bring out our nurturing capabilities as we learn to attract, feed, and protect our bird friends. Most decorative birdhouses are suitable for beginner birders as well as seasoned enthusiasts. Holes are typically cut for 1.25" diameter, which is good for small birds like chickadees, but is too small for larger aggressive birds, and hungry squirrels. Fun birdhouse designs include beach houses, castles, cottages, churches, and clubhouses. Decorative birdhouses make great gifts because you can personalize the gift to be designed according to the receivers interests.

This year, try sending a birdhouse to a niece or nephew far away, or to your favorite uncle who already has a dozen birdhouses. Easy to attach to a tree or post, or connect to a post, most basic birdhouses require little maintenance, and you are doing your part to shelter a bird family. All bird houses at YardEnvy.com also include free shipping!

Hobbit House BirdhouseHobbit House Birdhouse

Recycled BirdhouseRecycled Wooden Birdhouse with Vines and Ladybugs

Prairie BirdhousePrairie Birdhouse

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