Thursday, December 30, 2010

Using Decorative Bird Houses to Influence Negligent Neighbors

Bird houses and I have always been on good terms. I look at them and smile, thinking of all the cute birds that can find a new home, returning year after year. Bird houses appreciate the maintenance I provide - the free maid service. In return for my dedication, bird houses gift me with rustic appreciation, getting weathered and more charming with each season.

My neighbor, however, does not appear to be on as good of terms with his bird house. It is attached to a wooden fence, a nail is falling out of its sideboard, and it looks to be a good year behind in cleaning. While I desperately want to jump the fence, reattach the walls, clean out the old leaves, and quickly exit their yard, I feel that might be considered borderline behavior. So instead I sit and watch, imagining all the new bird houses I could erect to try and spark interest in a once-doting landlord.

I am a fan of rustic, recycled, and natural bird houses. I love a red door, or a cabin look, but I feel for my neighbor, I need to step up the decorative look. I am considering between the following:

The Kottage Kabin in red is the bird house I am leaning towards. I want to catch my neighbor's attention, so I think the red will be perfect.

He has a stranded Purple Martin house that has been up all year, far too low to the ground and close to the trees, but I am not even going to start on that one... If it is still up after my decorative bird house attempts, I may have to get to know my neighbor and offer a few landlord tips on bird houses.

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  1. I would tell him that I was bored and was looking for a project and offer to fix the birdhouse up and clean it out for free for something to do. Then lead your way into the martin house. Good Luck!