Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Decorative Birdhouses Beckon Spring to Return

Spring can be a tease, giving us a few warm days with the promise of green leaves and budding tulips, and then taking it all back with a foot of snow and a week of blistering cold winds. We get so excited to run outdoors and seize a 60° day, and we want to hang on to the hope that soon the snow will end and Spring will be here to stay. These gorgeous weekends are often spent hiking, clearing away decomposing wet leaves, and pruning fruit trees with the hope that the last deep freeze has passed.

Spring Tulip by davidezartz

Preparing for Spring wakens our senses, allowing us to smell the fresh air while planning new landscaping designs for curb appeal and outdoor entertaining. This is also a great time for cleaning and putting up bird houses before the birds return for the season. Many rustic bird houses can withstand heavy snowfall, and decorative bird houses brighten up dull yards with vibrant colors and designs, while offering a safe residence for bird families.

Sconset Cottage Decorative Bird HouseSconset Cottage Decorative Bird House

Choices in decorative bird houses include Victorian houses, beach houses, cottages, churches, and castles. From cabin bird houses to club houses and the historic San Francisco Row bird house, decorative bird houses offer memories, beauty, and safety. Beckon the return of Spring and birds while enjoying the view of a brightly painted decorative bird house.

Victorian Cottage Decorative Bird HouseVictorian Cottage Decorative Bird House $31.95

Medieval Castle Decorative Bird HouseMedieval Castle Decorative Bird House

San Francisco Decorative Bird HouseSan Francisco Decorative Bird House

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