Thursday, April 8, 2010

Choosing Your Outdoor Hammock

There is nothing more satisfying then walking outside after a hard days work and letting yourself get lost in a hammock. Imagine relaxing with a nice, cold glass of sweet tea and feeling the cool breeze pass by your face while enjoying nature at it's finest. Enjoy every season while lifted in the air and being swayed from side to side in an outdoor hammock.

rope hammock
Rope Hammocks

There are many styles of hammocks to choose from to suit your personal style and the temperatures of where you reside. Rope hammocks are very popular for warmer climates as they allow air to flow through them while keeping you comfortable. Rope hammocks are made from polyester or cotton. Cotton rope hammocks are softer and more comfortable than polyester hammocks, but are more susceptible to mold, mildew, and UV damage. Polyester rope hammocks are more durable and better suited for ocean side, humidity and sun. After two or three uses your hammock should reach its full length and you can adjust how it's hung. With proper care and use, rope hammocks will last for many years to come.

fabric hammock
Fabric Hammock

For people that live in cooler and windy climates, a fabric hammock would be the perfect choice. Fabric hammocks are also leaders in the comfort department. Express yourself with fun, vibrant patterns or solid colors. Grab a small pillow and snuggle up for a nice afternoon nap while listening to the birds singing.

camping hammock
Camping Hammock

Camping hammocks are perfect for those who love to hike, camp and explore the outdoors. They are portable and lightweight and keep the bugs and water out. Sleep with the trees and never worry about having to locate a flat spot to set up for the night. You'll be sleeping soundly while bundled up snug. With a portable camping hammock, there is no tedious tear down of a tent, so you will have more time to enjoy the hiking trails.

fabric hammock
Fabric Hammock without Spreader Bars

If you don't have the perfect trees to use, no worries. There are hammock stands made with the choice of wood or metal frames. Wooden frames are popular due to their natural look, and wooden hammock stands are very study. Metal hammock stands are easy to assemble and lighter in weight, which makes moving hammocks around easier.

When purchasing an outdoor hammock, you might want to consider spreader bars for the hammock. Spreader bars are positioned on the top and bottom of the hammock. Spreader bars are not a necessity, but do allow getting on and off the hammock a little easier. Spreader bars also allow the hammock to lay flat, instead of wrapping around the body with a cocoon effect.

Lay down, let loose and let your mind wonder off into a magical place of relaxation. Enjoy any sunrise and sunset in a hammock fit perfectly for you. Hope you have a safe and relaxing year while enjoying your hammock.

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