Sunday, February 26, 2012

Decorative Birdhouses – Welcoming Nature Closer to Home

Unique BirdhousesUnique Birdhouse in Beach Theme

Make your backyard a safe haven for birds to live and play with decorative birdhouses. Attracting birds can be an enjoyable experience leading to the feeling of being just a step away from the tranquility that comes from nature. As the alarm clock sounds, or the first cup of coffee gets poured, imagine the sound of birds lightly singing just outside. While sitting and having a family meal or washing dishes in front of the window, imagine glancing up and seeing a colorful bird perched on the birdhouse. Keep the yard looking fresh for springtime and summer barbecues with decorative birdhouses hanging on trees or brightening up a dull corner. Use decorative birdhouses to transform the yard into a beautiful bird garden design.

Decorative Birdhouses that Suit the Whole Family

Decorative birdhouse make a fun family project, teaching everyone involved a great deal about nature. Parents can teach kids about what birds need to survive, from food and water to shelter and teach them the importance of protecting wildlife and the environment. Through observing birds over the seasons, kids and adults become more familiar with the workings of nature and birds’ behaviors. Some species, such as chickadees, gold finches and sparrows, are easy to attract, so the enjoyment of bird watching can begin right away. Decorative birdhouses come with hinged door for easy cleanup, making a birdhouse simple to maintain and enjoyable for the whole family.

Unique Birdhouses That Suit Your Style

Through real observation or research from a guide book or site, discover the birds that are most common to your specific area. This will help to choose the right kind of birdhouse and also give you a sense of what to be looking out for when bird watching. If bluebirds or purple martins are frequent visitors, for example, these two species have birdhouses specific to their nature. Purple Martin birdhouses come with many holes and rooms as they often cohabitate as a group. While many advocate building one’s own birdhouse, birdhouses purchased from Yard Envy ensure proper ventilation, sizing and safe building materials, maintaining the birds' safety. Just choose your preferred style, from cottage or farmhouse to a grand Victorian-style mansion. Beach-themed birdhouses are also a popular theme, beautifully depicted above in a soft blue nontoxic paint.

Create a Bird Garden Design

Western BluebirdWestern Bluebird Perched on Birdfeeder

Now more than ever is the time to create a bird garden design more necessary as it provides a safe place for birds to live and thrive. Nearly 80% of US wildlife habitat falls in private hands, with more and more residential areas being built each year. Bird feeders will help birds to notice the birdhouses, and make them aware that your yard is a safe zone for birds. The presence of birdfeeders are especially important for attracting bluebirds. Hanging a few decorative birdhouses on fences, trees and posts allows for a higher concentration of birdlife in different areas of the outdoors. Just make sure to keep plenty of distance between them because birds often prefer privacy and their own space. Arrange generous amounts of materials used for tucking inside birdhouses such as pine straw or shredded wood chips neatly around flower beds or trees, making the yard appealing for birds seeking new homes. Capture the beauty and style of your bird garden by taking nature-inspired pictures and videos and share them with your friends or neighbors. Birdwatchers and feathered friends alike will take great pleasure in the transformation of the space in your backyard.

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